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They may also need to be on call and available to come into work in the event of an emergency. We have got a great number of satisfied customers who ask us for help if they are in an academic trouble. So, for a fully faithful account of these texts, and to provide a more careful and precise biblical response, here is how the co-agency of compatibilism would reply to the question of who put christ on the cross 1) wicked men acted out of the hatred and jealousy of their own natures, devising and doing what they most wanted, with the aim and result of putting christ on the cross, and 2) god determined that his son would die an atoning death on a cross, and to bring this to pass he planned and predestined what wicked men would carry this out along with all of the actions they would do to accomplish this, such that as they acted freely in putting christ on the cross they fulfilled precisely what god determined they do...

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The raindrops make the earth wet an ice cream makes a kid happy stressful situations make a person sad etc...

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Back to the uk, and we find ostensibly liberal christians engaging in a little bit of magic of their own...

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